Altra Lone Peak 5 ALOA4VQE431 (6 ΑΤΟΚΕΣ ΔΟΣΕΙΣ)

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The Αltra Lone Peak has undergone a major overhaul since last season. The midsole has been updated with a new layer of resilient AltraEGO foam. This new layer results in a considerably more responsive ride. The low-profile outsole is less aggressive than in the past and has been tweaked to provide better grip and durability. The upper has been upgraded with a more pliable feel, drainage holes and a better overall fit.

The internal rock plate embedded in the midsole has been upgraded to be provide better push-through protection and to be more pliable. This contributes to the smoother, springier and more flexible ride. The new stone guard was developed based on a pressure map of the foot with open perforations (almost like a mesh material), resulting in less material and a lighter weight without sacrificing protection.

Altra’s MaxTrac Outsoleuses direction sticky rubber lugs that prioritize grip and durability on uneven terrain. The outsole lugs are still toothy and grippy, but they don’t seem quite as aggressive and overbearing. This makes the new Lone Peak more versatile for a wider range of trails without sacrificing the reliable traction for which this shoe has always been known. The outsole rubber extends to the toe bumper, which is now stitched to the upper for greater durability.

This new edition has a bit of a softer feel when you step in and lace it up. This is thanks to the soft footbed and new midsole foam configuration. The ride is decidedly soft, flexible, lively and smooth — much more so than the previous edition — and that makes it conducive both slow and fast-paced running over a wide range of trails.

One of the keys to the great ride is the more flexible stone guard that offers protection from sharp rocks, roots and other objects on the trail without inhibiting the natural flex of your foot.

The Lone Peak 5 is much more nimble and agile than previous versions. In part, this is because the protection and outsole traction have been taken down a notch.


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